Consulting Services

At Indigo Training we recognise that occasionally specialised personnel are required to carry out particular tasks or to assist and run specialised projects. Indigo Training has consulted to many Local Government departments and corporate organisations, with many years of experience, across many types of organisations.

We are adept at consulting to organisations to create new or improved processes, procedures and organisational culture.  Our consulting experience also includes implementing new technologies or ways of managing areas within your organisation’s environment.

Indigo Training also have the required skill sets within our network to find you the right fit, for the right project. It is always our intention to work our way out of your organisation by equipping your staff members with the tools and attitudes required to continue long after we have accomplished your pre-determined goals of having an Indigo Training consultant.

Examples of Consulting Services (not limited to):

  • Improving and creating customer centric organisations
  • Organisational wide technology improvements
  • Improving organisational culture
  • Improving and creating organisational values and visions statements.

As each consultation is unique, please contact us on to discuss your requirements.