Local Government

At Indigo Training we understand the complex issues faced by local government. We have vast experience with many councils from small regional areas through to large metropolitan municipalities.

We specialse in;

Over the past 22 years, we have worked directly and indirectly with over 100 councils nationally. We specialise in breaking down the silo culture to create modern, efficient workplaces, which are customer focussed and able to respond to changing community expectations.

Diversity Training/ Workplace Bullying and Harassment

Indigo Training goes beyond the traditional CALD (Cultural and Linguistically Diverse) model into areas, which are not traditionally explored, but none the less are part of the diverse communities council staff members have daily contact with, making our program tangible and relevant.

Our presentations and workshops clearly explain that in today’s world many aspects of diversity need to be understood to enable councils to function internally and deal with their residents.  Our programs include physical disability, mental health issues, CALD, sexuality, location and socio-economic, indigenous and the many other forms of micro diversity, which appear in the community.

Our diversity program also focusses on the internal culture of the organisation, to ensure participants fully understand that the Australian workplace has changed and matured over the past few decades.  With the local government workforce having an average age of 52, with many long-standing employees it is vital to ensure compliance in relation to:

  • A full understanding of workplace harassment and bullying
  • How to work in a diverse workplace
  • Treatment of women in the workforce,
  • Discrimination and how it can effect anyone and how these effects  manifest themselves.

As there are many parts to any local government, with people working in tight-knit work groups, both internally and externally, we clearly explain how micro cultures form and the behaviour within these micro cultures must be consistent with the values of the wider organisation (macro culture).

Examples of tangible learning outcomes (not limited to):

  • An understanding of all the types of diversity that occur in their workplace and community
  • An understanding of how to communicate with the many forms of diversity
  • A clear understanding of how to treat other diversities in the community
  • A self-awareness about one’s own attitudes, behaviours and how these may have formed.

lg-contact-btnso we can fully tailor a Diversity program to meet your needs.

Customer Service Training
(Customer Focus Skills)

With the changing community expectations in relation to customer service it can no longer be the responsibility of a single department within the council.

Indigo Training specialises in assisting councils to move from a customer service culture to a customer focussed culture. A major part of this transformation is training, not just for those that work in the customer service department; this transformation requires training for all staff across the organisation to achieve this important paradigm shift.

Examples of tangible learning outcomes (not limited to):

  • The difference between assertive, non assertive and aggressive behaviours
  • How to remain calm and deal with difficult situations for the benefit of all
  • Conducting interactions in a timely and effective way

lg-contact-btnso we can fully tailor a communication skills program to meet your needs.

Team Building / Team Unification

The importance of a well-balanced and motivated team cannot be underestimated within local government.  In this program, we work with you to create a unique Team Building / Team Unification program to motivate and inspire your team members.

Examples of tangible learning outcomes (not limited to):

  • Effective communication styles.
  • An understanding of manipulation techniques used by internal and external customers.
  • Being an asset to your community, your department and your family.

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Leadership / Management training

Within a 21st century council leadership and management is more important than ever before.  Equipping staff members with the right attitudes and the correct tools to lead their teams is vital to the effective running of the organisation.

Examples of tangible learning outcomes (not limited to):

  • Ensuring one clearly definable style of high level leadership and management with a  motivational skill set, which will provide cohesion throughout your management team.
  • Team leaders, coordinators, managers and directors who know how to lead and when to manage.
  • Empowered leaders who fully understand and embrace their roles within the organisation with a swag of positive, constructive communication skills.

lg-contact-btnso we can fully tailor a leadership/ management program to meet your needs.

Communication Skills Training

Within all areas of local government, the ability to communicate is vital.  Our program will be fully tailored to meet the needs of your department staff, whether they be internal or external.

Examples of tangible learning outcomes (not limited to):

  • The ability to communicate with high levels of success to internal and external parties even when saying ‘No’.
  • Reduced stress and work load due to better communications between all parties.
  • The ability to be assertive in your communications without slipping into aggression even when provoked.

lg-contact-btnso we can fully tailor a communication skills program to meet your needs.

Conflict Resolution Training / Challenging Conversations

Within any working environment, there are times when conflict can occur. It is at these times that staff members need the skills to be able to defuse the situation quickly and easily. Our program is fully tailored to meet your needs, whether it be for internal conflict or potential conflict with residents or members of the public.

This program has often benefited:

  • Local laws officers
  • Animal management
  • Planning staff
  • Parks and gardens
  • Depot staff members
  • Leisure services staff, etc

Examples of tangible learning outcomes (not limited to):

  • A full understanding of the nature of dealing with difficult situations
  • Practical skills to stay calm in an aggressive situation
  • Practical tools to get the aggressor to talk about the real issue

lg-contact-btnso we can fully tailor a Conflict Resolution program to meet your needs.

If you are unable to find a non-listed program, please contact us to enable us to fully understand your training requirements and build you a tailored training solution.